Bringing the Dream of Parenthood to Life

Matching Miracles is a full-service egg donor agency, matching those who dream of being a parent with quality donors bringing the dream of parenthood to reality.  Matching Miracles believes it is a responsibility to assist ALL intended parents with the ability to grow their family in an economical manor. We are committed to providing, to both intended parents and donors, an unparalleled experience filled with professionalism, personalized attention and expert guidance.

Intended Parents

Our process removes much of the hassle and stress often associated with third-party assisted reproduction. We maintain a large and diverse donor catalogue. Matching Miracles offers an all-inclusive financial program which provides an economical and stress-free path to parenthood.

Provide Hope & Joy

Become an Egg Donor

By becoming an egg donor you join an elite group of courageous women who provide hope, happiness and the opportunity for families to grow. Egg donation is a rewarding commitment that will provide you with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction throughout your life. We understand the considerations required when becoming an egg donor; thus, you’ll be shown respect as you proceed through the egg donation process.  In appreciation for your generosity, Matching Miracles will compensate egg donors with a minimum compensation of $5,000.

A Mother father and baby child on a white bed.