Becoming a donor

Your interest in becoming an egg donor provides hope to intended parents. Unfortunately, many women are unable to conceive a child utilizing their own eggs. Without the hope provided via egg donation, the dream of a building a family with children that share a partial genetic bond wouldn’t be possible.  Matching Miracles is currently recruiting, qualified, anonymous egg donors. Matching Miracles adheres to guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure donors are properly screened and compensated for their time and commitment.

To ensure intended parents the donors included within the Matching Miracles catalogue are qualified, prospective egg donors are required to complete a thorough review process which includes health and psychological screenings.  To become a qualified egg donor, one must meet the following strict medical standards:

  • Woman between the ages of 21-32 (First Time Donors 21-28)
  • Healthy, Non-Smoker with no prior drug usage
  • STD Free
  • Normal Height and Weight (BMI 18-28)

If you meet these standards, we invite you to begin the rewarding process of egg donation by completing an initial screening questionnaire.  Donors that proceed with the process and complete the donation cycle will be compensated a minimum of $5,000 for their time.

Becoming an Eligible Egg Donor

The egg donation process begins with the simple completion of a pre-qualification questionnaire. Each completed questionnaire is carefully reviewed by a Matching Miracles staff member to ensure completeness and to verify pre-qualification. Pre-qualified egg donors will be invited to continue the egg donation process.  The next step in the process is the completion of a thorough profile history questionnaire of the prospective donor and her family. In addition, the prospective donor will be required to submit photos of herself. Once the profile questionnaire is completed and photos submitted, a final qualification review will determine final eligibility. Eligible and qualified donors will then be included in the Matching Miracles donor catalogue for selection by intended parents.

Egg Donation Process

Eligible donors will be placed within the Matching Miracles egg donor catalog.  Intended parents will be provided access to the egg donor catalog in order to to discover their perfect match donor based on review of the donor profile, health history, family history and photographs. Once matched as the egg donor for an intended parent, the selected egg donor will begin the egg donation process.  The egg donation process is multi-step and compensation will be provided based on completion of the donation process.

Medical Screening

Once the donor is matched to an intended parent/couple, the process of egg donation will commence. The first step of the egg donation process is to complete a comprehensive medical screening and review. This screening will include:

  • Physical Examination
  • Transvaginal Ultrasound Examination
  • Basic Hormone Screening
  • Genetic Carrier Screening
  • Mandated FDA Infectious Disease Screening
  • Drug Screening

Psychological Evaluation

Matching Miracles adheres to the guidelines set forth by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) regarding egg donation.  In doing so, Matching Miracles requires a matched egg donor to complete a psychological evaluation and counseling by a qualified mental health professional.

Legal Review

Egg Donation

The concluding step to the egg donation process is the donation of the eggs(oocytes) to the intended parent(s). This phase is called the retrieval cycle and will require frequent ultrasound monitoring and lab work, the use of injectable medications to induce follicular development and the conclusion with an egg retrieval procedure.